The year is 956. Pergamon, the Holy Attiliad Order's stronghold on the edge of the lowlands is nearing full completion, however the strange attacks by the mysterious creatures of the region and disappearances of scouts, is at an all time high, something is stirring...Pheobe, the ruler of Pergamon, has requested reinforcements from the mainland. You are part of the elite crew which has been selected to stabilize the situation and to root out the source of the attacks.

Initially, Sprigan began as an idea for the 2023 Global Game Jam, this years theme was"Roots" which led us to imagine a swampy, overgrown, setting. Throughout the jam we kept growing more and more ambitious plans, until eventually we had created a novel concept for a fully fledged game. Realizing the potential of this idea, we chose to stop pushing towards the jam deadline, and instead began laying the foundations of Spriggan.ㅤ

Today Spriggan is a multiplayer, mediaeval magic game which fuses many genres; containing aspects of adventure, wave defence, and city management!