About Us

Welcome to Insomnia Development!

We are a small Indie Game Studio consisting of three people who strive to create games that experiment with new genres and game mechanics, without sacrificing quality.

Since 2019, Mike, Yuki and Ben have been active in the Game Development Community, putting work and effort in their own individual Projects: Dystrophia and Enigma.

In 2022, they first got in touch, as Mike & Yuki required support in using Procedural Worlds (PW) terrain generation tools, of which Ben is an expert. After a few meetings they realized the benefits of working more closely together; Ben doing programming for Dystrophia, and Mike & Yuki doing 3D Art for Enigma.

After a few months of continuing in this manner they decided to participate in the 2023 Global Game Jam, with the theme of "Roots". We quickly came up with a game concept which we gave the title of "Spriggan" and got to work.

A few days before the end of the jam, we were faced with a choice, we could quickly wrap up our game to get it finished in time for the deadline, or we could leave the jam and begin the creation of a full, fleshed out version of what we had started. Seeing the potential of Spriggan, we decided to leave the jam and pursue publishing Spriggan as a full game under a new, fully united banner, Insomnia Development!

Armed ambition and excitement, we started to translate our initial vision into a fully fledged game. To our surprise, we progressed significantly faster than we had ever imagined, leading us to finish pre-production in just four months! We believe that with modern game development tools a small, passionate, and knowledgeable team can not only rival but, through innovation and efficiency, surpass the development speed and quality of AAA Studios. In this era of games most AAAs just create games that are essentially cash grabs, with no innovation and seemingly no love. Our aim as a studio is to fill this void, and build a community that wants be right there with us, innovating, developing ideas, and eventually, playing!

Mike Tkacz

Founder - 3D Artist - World Creation

Benjamin Black

CO-Founder - Programmer - World Creation

Yuki Kirste

3D Artist - Character Creation & Animation