Welcome To Insomnia!

Welcome To Insomnia!

Welcome aboard friend, glad you could make it - we hope you're here to stick around ^-^

The big news we have for you is the announcement of our first game, Spriggan!

Throughout the following weeks, we will be releasing more and more snippets of our game for you to enjoy, just like the 3D model below.


About the Game

(Explained in character)

As one of Phoebe's royal guards, you have been dispatched to reinforce the frontlines, to ensure the safe completion of a Citadel within the swampy region of Spriggan. Choose wisely, who will be tasked to journey across the sea alongside you and your friends. If the reports are true, guards have gone missing, direct conflict with whoever.. or whatever might be responsible, seems to be inevitable. On top of this, our Holy Attiliad Order has exhausted its resources, food, building materials, new members and talented officers. Especially officers, who are able to help our majesty to delegate the new enclave.

(Explained out of character)

Spriggan is a multiplayer based, first person strategy game, in which you and your friends are able to choose from a multitude of characters with different specialisations, ranging from combat styles, to building, crafting and city management. Most nights the castle will suffer attacks, your duty is to help the defence alongside your brothers in arms. During the day you may explore the city, venture into the swamp, assign your civil population to jobs, such as farmers, millers, bakers, researchers, builders, blacksmiths, guards, miners, sailors, engineers and various other positions. If your food production suffices, you may also expand the city by constructing new houses, special buildings or introducing upgraded defensive measures. During the day, the city is yours to mange, and in the night it is yours to defend.

The next steps - yay!

The core game is functionally completed, within the next weeks, we aim to add more in-depth content to Spriggan.

We specifically chose this point in time of our development to begin sharing everything with all of you, because we are confident in the looks, the fun, and the mechanical depth of the game.

Some game aspects, such as interior or sounds are store-bought via asset pages (i.e. Unity-Asset-Store, Turbosquid and so on) and simply not on par with our standards in either looks or performance. Our idea was to let our community be part of the final decision-making.

We hope you are just as excited for this journey, as we are. Especially because we are here to stay; for the past 3+ years we have been working on the development and world creation of Dystrophia and Enigma respectively - meaning in the not so distant future, new games will also be coming! ^-^

However, we also have a promise for each and every one of our games, which is to never abandon them. They are designed to be expanded on and even if we begin to work on new projects, we already made sure to plan ahead and allow our assets, such as new weapons or mechanics, such as riding horses, to be implementable across all of our games. This is our promise, to both work on new projects, while never abandoning communities any game we release. But for now, lets get it all started with Spriggan! We are thrilled to be finally here and start our journey with you!

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